PASTA - Physical Activity through Sustainable Transport Approaches

A major research study on physical activity, mobility behaviour and accident risks in your community

PASTA – who wouldn't immediately think about spaghetti, macaroni or lasagne? Quite understandable ... although in this case we are not talking about Italian food but rather about transport, mobility, physical activity and health. These issues will be explored in PASTA, a major European research study across seven European cities.

In these seven cities, we are looking for people like you who can help us to improve your community!

Whether you travel the city on foot, by bike, by car or by public transport, we invite you to participate in the study by completing an online survey* about your mobility behaviour, physical activity and any accidents you may have had. This will enable us to better understand the issues and make recommendations to government and businesses on how to improve your community.

Your participation will be rewarded with the chance to win one of many prizes (except for participants in London where a prize or a donation to a local good cause is optional, and for participants in Sweden where, unfortunately, the lottery is not allowed).

*Eligibility: you will need to have an email account and Internet access, be at least 18 (16 in Switzerland) years old and live or work in the local area. The survey consists of a baseline questionnaire followed by a number of short follow-up surveys.